To the question "What do you do?", we will likely have different answers.
To the question "What do you do it for?", our answers are the same.

To make the world smile with IT.

To make this idea a reality, we poured our passion and skills into our technology, and continue to create social value by engaging in all businesses surrounding IT.


We provide solutions through technology for society.
Untethered by the norm or conservation, we strive to make the world smile with IT by continuously evolving and elevating ourselves.


We Can Do

  • Large scale system development for social infrastructure
  • Solution consulting services for IT implementation
  • Creative technology development to bring your ideas to life

We Do

  • We aim to develop a global business that is not bound or limited by borders.
  • With a focus on diversification of our business portfolio, Nicosys wants to bring social value to as many areas of the world as possible.
  • We aim to promote autonomy and extend our network worldwide.

We Don't Do

There is work only Nicosys can do.
There is also work Nicosys doesn't need to do.
The line is simple - does it make people, society, the world smile?
Nicosys is unsuited for projects that fundamentally lack social value and are unable to utilize our creativity.