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TechnologyHuge sysytem development

Make the world smile with something new. "Make the world smile" In order to realize this mission, we have to keep supplying society with new generation technologies. Until people feel happiness from our efforts, Nicosys will continue to improve with new technologies. We will not disappoint you. In making concrete efforts, we supported wearable device development, IoT products creation, cloud environment design and so on. We want to challenge developments for various kinds of devices.

Past casesIntroduction

Case 1Developing the prototype model Plan IoT devices are progressively getting popular in Japan too. So we are handling prototype development for various devices. For example, we designed a prototype module with BLE standards (Bluetooth 4.0) a while ago. Effect By creating prototypes, our customers have been able to brush up and fine-tune their products. It contributed to a smart, good product development process. Case 2Software development of IoT Product Plan In current trends, not only terminals such as smartphones, but also household appliances and the like have become connected to the Internet. We are developing software for IoT devices towards practical use of these devices that are still in the transition period. Effect We think that the new possibilities of IoT devices will contribute to economic efficiency and productivity. In addition, we also believe that it will help solve social problems arising with the aging society and declining population.

Other ServiceIntroduction

Off-shore work

Discovering awesome IT human resources and abilities in all over the world regardless of nationality and location.

Engineer education

Developing engineers who can tackle any task, however difficult they are.

IT Consulting

Being a translator between workers and computers regarding IT strategy planning and internal development process improvement issues.

Huge sysytem

Total support from design to installation, operation and maintenance of large-scale systems which underpins society.

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