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Create the essential infrastructure for society. We have the resources to deal with huge system development. In the case of the migration of our significant social infrastructure, we can smoothly implement the system integration while keeping the legacy knowlege accumulated in the old sytem. We recognize that running and maintaining the system requires great care even though people might assume the system works without any trouble. We will address issues as timely and smoothly as possible so that everything can run with no interruption for the end-user.

Past casesIntroduction

Case 1Success of the huge project part 1 Plan We can control the whole process of the project from team building to designing specification. Effect Undertaking the project from the point of the team building process enables us to avoid unneccessary losses and achieve the task within the budget initially contracted. Case 2Success of the huge project part 2 Plan In general, huge legacy systems have lots of complicated operational issues, however, stopping the system's daily operation is to be avoided as much as possible. We believe that the implementation of the system integration between the legacy system and the new technology is the key success factor. Effect We, at Nicosys, have the resources to deal with huge system development and handle the project smoothly.

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Off-shore work

Discovering awesome IT human resources and abilities in all over the world regardless of nationality and location.

Engineer education

Developing engineers who can tackle any task, however difficult they are.

IT Consulting

Being a translator between workers and computers regarding IT strategy planning and internal development process improvement issues.

Huge sysytem

Doing our best for making the world smile more by making "somethings" new.

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