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Growing the potential of engineers
and expand the prospects.
Human resource development in Nicosys makes engineers improve their skill so that they can make the imposible possible. We believe that an engineer's mission is to keep creating things with the best effort they can. Providing practical engineer training, special classes with ex-IT school teachers provide a personal training to upgrade one's IT skills.

Past casesIntroduction

Case 1We have several experienced staff members and they can help develop your skills to a professional level within 3 years, even for inexperienced applicants. Plan Face to face training for system design and programing to applicants who have no experience in IT. e.g. Living in one of our staff member's house in order to learn and understand the essential IT skills from the morning to the night. Effect Developing the skill to a professional level within 3 years including the inexperienced staff. Case 2Professional education for people related to IT Plan In general, A lot of web designers have no chance to understand the best way to implement the proper code. We've heard that it is a common issue in this business. Effect As we've been previously requested, We will support learning ho to develop and implement code, and how to do estimations and design system architecture.

Other ServicesIntroduction

Off-shore work

Discovering awesome IT human resources and abilities all over the world regardless of nationality and location.

IT Consulting

Being a translator between workers and computers regarding IT strategy planning and internal development process improvement issues.

Huge sysytem

Total support from design to installation, operation and maintenance of large-scale systems which underpins the society.

Huge sysytem

Doing our best for making the world smile more by making "somethings" new.

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