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Project StoryMade a miracle happen

The message from a customer on Facebook.
One day, We received a message on Facebook from someone who did not know much about Nicosys. The content was "I would like to consult you, since our projects are in a dire situation." It was someone who sent us a message through the introduction from an acquaintance, he was the CEO of a company.
Since it was such a short notice, we could not build a proper team immediately, we decided to respond remotely and performed consulting service by our main members. The consulting plan was to rebuild the entire project from bringing a solution to the technical issue, to building the team.
As a result of our consulting, the project went back on track and did well. We now have continuous trades regarding business consultations and launching new businesses with this company.
Received a email from blog writers.
They had to gather a lot of engineers but their location was quite remote and not easily accessible. The issue was quite difficult to solve.
The customer were also blog writers. We made a deal with them after contacting each other with Skype and Facebook.
Nicosys' members worked on the project and it was finished successfully one year later. Meeting them was a miracle, it expanded our relationship with various companies.

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