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CCO/Chief Culture Officer

Inexperienced people welcome. Don't be afraid of challenging yourself. Please show your communication skills.

I handled a lot of demonstrations for a national project : the development of the in-house financial system. After this, I worked as a freelancer and was a stay-at-home dad. Then I joined a project that was really tough, I met Mr.Kubota and Mr.Ushito there, and became one of Nicosys' members. From my experience and technical background, I am often seen as an engineer. However I like back office and management work. The skills that I would like to see from Nicosys' members are communications skills. By communicating with customers, you can understand the issues and requests properly. For example, when a system failure occurs, the problems can be solved more smoothly if you have good communication skills to better understand the issue and the requirements of the system. Even those who do not have IT knowledge or experience can get those skills after joining Nicosys, it is never too late. I think that good communications skills are the most important skills to have, technical skills can be learnt afterwards..

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