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Hiroyuki USHITO

It's my time to shine when you have an issue.

When I was a child, I discovered programming and took an interest in IT. After having working experiences as IT school teacher and as a freelance engineer, I became one of the board members at Nicosys. Nicosys' members can make high quality services and supply convenient technologies. We are especially skilled at solving problems our customers may encounter. We believe that we can help you about any issue regarding IT systems. I personally like to read about standards such as RFC, ISO, W3C and so on. As you know, IT devices are both H/W and S/W and are able to work correctly and bring happiness to people when each part is working according to standards and rules, avoiding any ambiguity. I feel attracted to this orderly mechanism, so I may have been born to be an engineer. I'm going to write a lot of code until the end of my life.

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