To make the world smile with IT Making the world smile with IT

VisionWe hope

Making the world smile with IT IT technology has changed the world. Nowadays, what we couldn't do is getting possible little by little. We shall make many people happy by believing in and leveraging the potential of IT technology. Our hope

TopicWhat's new

NOV. 2018 We are TEDxKyoto 2018 partner.
OCT. 2018 We increased capital stock to 9,250,000 JPY.
MAR. 2018 Release English page at official site.
JAN. 2018 Renewal Internview.


Our experts of various IT fields provide solutions
on all kind of issues regarding IT services.
Highly skilled IT engineers are in charge of the jobs from strategy planning to operation after launching system. We provide comprehensive high quality IT solution.

Off-shore work

Discovering awesome IT human resources and abilities in all over the world regardless nationality and location.

Engineer education

Developing engineers who can tackle any task, however difficult they are.

IT Consulting

Being a translator between workers and computers regarding IT strategy planning and internal development process improvement issue.

Huge sysytem

Total support from design to installation, operation and maintenance of large-scale systems which underpins society.

Most advanced

Doing our best for making the world smile more by making "somethings" new.

CompanyAbout us

Nicosys Co. Ltd. We shall pursue corporate philosophy named with "Make the world smile" diligently and realize it. Believing in IT capability, possibility and fun, we are keeping on challenging ourselves to achieve our purpose. About us

RecruitEmployment conditions

Who do you want to work with? Daisuke KUBOTA CEO Hiroyuki USHITO CDO Akio YOKOMATSU CCO Joe ISHIYAMA CMO Takuro FUKAMIZU CTO What is NOT important is what to do, what is MORE important is with who you do it at Nicosys.
Therefore, We aim for individuality-rich members to work with to maximize their individual skills.

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