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Q1. I've never worked at an IT tech corp. Can I have a chance to work at Nicosys? Yes. However, it's better if you have several years of working experience. Q2. Is it possible to work remotely? Yes. If you get the approval from the people you work with, you can work remotely. You can choose the location where you work if it makes your performance better. Q3. Can I work 3 days a week as my work-life-balance? Depending on your work, and if you get the approval from the people you work with, you can work three days a week. Q4. I'm interested in Nicosys. May I visit Nicosys to ask questions? Of course, please don't hesitate to contact us. Q5. I'm considering to be a freelancer or building my own company later. Can I work at Nicosys? Of course, we are thinking that everyone should become a professional engineer after three years. We would like to develop a lot of professional engineers. However, You are free to make any future professional plan you wish. Q6. Does hard work pay off? Will it be reflected on my salary? Yes, you can get high salary if you earn a lot of money by yourself. All profits (your bonus as well) are separated according to each staff's sales revenue and performance. Q7. Nicosys' organization looks similar to freelancer model. What's the difference? Nicosys could be considered as a kind of "freelancers community". However we make it easier to get opportunities to work with big companies while also providing the natural benefits of being in a community such as knowledge sharing. Q8. Most people usually work at the same office together. Why don't you want employees to work at the same office? What is the value to Nicosys? The reason is that we want the best performance possible from our staff, we hope that providing great flexibility will help people to work at their full potential. We believe that this flexibility makes corporate value high.

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